Hi, I'm Jasmine

I’m an educator, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and tennis coach with a talent for laughing unexpectedly and drinking really hot tea.

My specialities are in well-being, bringing fun into learning and living, and inspiring others to step into their GOLDEN selves.

I am here to support others to practice living life with harmony, health, gratitude, and love.


“We all have the potential to live a life where well-being is experienced. It's just a matter of building the daily habits, patterns and practices that invite it.”


Your Golden Time

Ever just wanted somebody to talk to and they listened? Well, here I am.

I call this Your Golden Time because it really is a time and place for you to safely reflect about areas within your life. The power of safe shared reflection is so underrated. And together we will use it to help you recalibrate your relationship with yourself and your life.

We will connect either through a live video call or in nature. It is your choice.


Yoga for 1 Please

A unique hour yoga practice designed specifically for your needs and wants.

Together we will have an over the phone chat to gather an understanding of your desired outcomes for this one-on-one practice curated for you and you alone.
The best part is you get to decide between having your practice in nature (for those Adelaide-based humans) or through a live video call.