Experiences with Mother Daughter Circles

It’s time to be liberated, powerful and free!

MidnightPeace and Jasmine are two women who are connected by blood and bone. Two women who have felt the power and unconditional love their mother daughter relationship brings to life. Through years of loving communication, they have created a connection that honours who they are as individuals and who we are together.

Together they lead women to remember, reconnect and recalibrate with their feminine, their body, and their heart with @motherdaughtercircles.

Heartfully curated experiences designed to guide you to
Reconnect &
with your divine feminine wisdom.

Heavenly Choccy Yoga

A 3-hour Circle that combines the heart opening qualities of medicinal cacao with yoga to support you to lovingly explore yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never done yoga or you’re an expert, this circle invites you all with welcoming arms.


The Recalibration

A Private 4-hour experience to help you shine.

This two-in-one experience takes you through a meditation and cacao yoga before you get to bliss out and let go with a massage and healing session. Afterwards we will nourish you with homegrown produce and time to reflect before returning to your life.